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We can repair and install all kinds of flat roofing systems in Brentwood. Whether you need a leak repaired, roof installation, or flat roof maintenance, we are the company to call. Choosing the right roofing contractor in Brentwood that has your best interests is key to a long-lasting, durable, and proper flat roof system installation or repair. The success of your roof depends on the expertise and experience of a roofing contractor.

Our licensed installers will give you an honest and accurate quote for all your residential and commercial flat roof repair and installation needs in Brentwood.

We are a fully-accredited Brentwood flat roofing company and adhere to the best standards in the industry. We provide quality repairs and installation for any flat roof project you require.

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We are Brentwood flat roofing experts with the experience and expertise to make sure you only get the best flat roofing repairs and installation in the UK. We are known for our excellent track record of reliability and trustworthiness, making sure our clients are 100% satisfied with the work that we do.

Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your roof for damage and give you an honest estimate for your repair and installation needs.

Since roofing issues are an essential matter to your home, you must only trust a professional, licensed, and fully-accredited company that knows what it’s doing. Call us today and let’s give your home or business in Brentwood the flat roof that it needs and deserves.

The Benefits Of Flat Roofing In Brentwood...

Flat roofing is commonly used in commercial buildings, on garages, and in patio extensions; However, more and more residential properties in the UK have begun using this type of roofing for their homes.

Flat roofing is not exactly flat, it has a very low slope so that water can easily be drained when it rains. The slope is about 10 degrees or somewhere between 1/4 to 1/2.”

This type of roofing is favoured by many homeowners and businesses because of its great benefits including fewer expenses and easier installation. Flat roofing systems are cheaper than other types of roofing, mainly because of the materials used, and because it poses fewer risks for contractors.

This type of roofing is also easier and faster to install, with most contractors being able to finish installation in just one day. There are also fewer damage and repair costs over its lifespan. Furthermore, flat roofing can be used for other purposes as well, such as a rooftop garden, an area to install an AC (air conditioning) unit, as well as a rooftop lounge for outdoor BBQs.

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Can Flat Roofs Be Repaired?

Yes, flat roofs can be repaired. The cost depends on the type of material used on your roof, as well as the kind of damage. Flat roof repairs require a lot of knowledge and experience, which means you need to find a qualified roofing contractor that specialises in this type of roofing.

Usually, membrane roofing will start to deteriorate over time. For rolled asphalt, the lifespan is about 5 years, while an EDPM [Etylene Propylene Diene Monomer] will last for 10 years. And lastly, the longest-lasting material is PVC, with a lifespan of over 30 years.

Once the service life of these types of flat roofing material is over, your flat roofing would need to be replaced.

When To Repair Vs Replace Roof

The answer to this question depends entirely on a few different factors such as how old your roof is, your budget, and the extend of the damage. In most cases, a simple roof repair should solve the problem. However, if your roof is completely destroyed, then it might be time for a new roof.

To get an in-depth roof inspection, contact one of our team today and we will be able to inspect the damage and provide you with a FREE quote.

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Can Flat Roofs Leak?

Yes, leaking is one of the major problems of flat roofing systems in Brentwood. A leak can be extremely detrimental to your business’s overall integrity and value, which is why you need to call a roofing contractor right away once you detect the slightest evidence of a leak. Because of the nature of flat roofing being sloped, the collection of water is possible and can lead to rotting, flooding, and mould growth.

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